Door entry system can trigger an alarm where movement takes place

An attempted robbery on a shop was thwarted by a snatch raid in reverse. This time shop worker Rasaratnam Rahulan grabbed what he thought was a weapon that was threatening him in the Sunderland premises. Mr Rahulan said: “I didn't want to give him the money. I didn't think about my safety, I'm just like that, I follow my instincts and thought I could get the gun off him.” In fact the ‘gun’ was a fake.

Tensor can install for businesses a T3512 one door entry Smart Card Access Control system including a T3511 controller and WinACnet PC software. Door control plus Movement Monitoring is just one example of a T3512 configuration. The T3511 is so versatile it can use passive infrared sensors (PIR’s) and the WinACnet software to create a register of date and time stamped movement transactions recorded by the PC. This feature shows when and where movement in an area has taken place, and can trigger the alarm if required.

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