Door security software creates alarm messages when forced entry occurs

An internet organisation boasted on its blog about climbing the summit of one of the highest buildings in Europe. The intruders scaled the 309m tall Shard skyscraper, which dominates the skyline near London Bridge, and posted photographs on the Place Hacking blog. The blog reported how the trespassers dodged security: “We waited for the guard to finish his round and go into his hut,” adding about reaching the peak: “We were so high, I couldn't see anything moving at street level.”

Tensor can quickly put in place easy to use Access Control Software to improve security and ward off trespassers at all sizes of premises, whether tall or small. The WinACnet software creates alarm messages when predetermined actions take place, or if a forced entry occurs. The speech output delivers clear English spoken alerts when pre-defined ‘flagged’ actions take place – for example, when a specific door is opened by a specific individual. The system includes real time (near) graphical display showing doors being opened or those undergoing forced entry.

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