Durable clocking smart cards can be read an infinite number of times

A minister has slammed ‘cheerleading development officers’ and similar jobs not part of traditional 'front line local services, which have been calculated to make up a quarter of public services. Local Government Minister Bob Neill said: "These figures reveal the explosion in town hall jobs and bureaucracy under Labour and reinforce the need for some councils to start cutting out middle management." He continued that getting rid of these jobs “will ensure local authorities can protect front-line services."

Does your organisation feel bloated or inefficient? Tensor’s time and attendance clocking networks can save your company money as our smart card operated systems offer the fastest throughput possible. All Tensor smart cards and key fobs use the same well-proven and reliable RF (Radio Frequency) reading technology. This gives a consistent read range which is unaffected by most external conditions. The factory encoded ID code cannot be duplicated, therefore it is very secure. Cards have no battery, thus usually can be read an infinite number of times.

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