Durable skirts prevent pedestrians from walking under company automatic barrier

A bunch of car clampers have been sent to prison for a combined total of nearly eight years. The court heard the quintet, operating as the firm Midland Parking Contracts, intimidated drivers into parting with up to £335 to unclamp vehicles. Prosecutor Anthony Potter said victims included a disabled woman displaying a blue badge, adding: “It's difficult to put an accurate figure on the proceeds – we suggest a figure of up to £500,000, but it is very difficult to be specific.”

Tensor offers barrier technology as a means of safely and securely controlling access to a car park or other exterior company property. Barrier Skirts are ideal for preventing pedestrians from walking underneath your automatic barrier. Not only suitable for automatic car park barriers, your barrier skirt can also be fitted to most manual barriers of varying boom lengths. Each barrier skirt is individually adjusted to neatly attach to your installed automatic barrier, ensuring exceptional durability and delivering longer lasting, problem-free operation.

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