Durable toilet turnstiles are ideal for long term use

The Health and Safety Executive prosecuted a partner in construction company Bryan Brown & Son, of Flamborough, Bridlington, after finding substandard staff toilet facilities. Following the initial HSE inspection an Improvement Notice was served on Mr Brown (later fined) as the principal contractor. Bridlington Magistrates Court heard that on a subsequent Humberside site visit it was found that the requirements of the Improvement Notice had not been complied with. A sewage outlet had been provided to the toilet, but there was no water supply to the unit. Neither was there any water available at the sinks.

Installing a Tensor toilet turnstile is a simple solution to giving decent toilets to workplaces where there are large numbers of employees. Since they are coin operated they can mainly finance themselves. Half height toilet turnstiles provide an unobtrusive method of controlling access to your facilities. Speed and reliability are provided, ensuring that even during busy times, your half height turnstiles do not compromise the safety and security of those passing through it. All our turnstiles are durable so they are ideal for long-term use.

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