Each access point at your business can have different security settings

Thieves embarked on a mini crime wave affecting businesses in the North West which involved grabbing all sorts of equipment. Those premises broken into included barbers, estate agents and a sweet shop in the Bolton area. One of the barbers had its front window smashed with a brick, with offenders stealing takings from the till and clippers. The owners of this shop reported that they lost a day’s business and had to deal with the damage.

Operated by contactless smart cards or key fobs, a Tensor Access system gives you full control over who is allowed access to your business through any controlled point at any time of any day, placing it at the forefront of security solutions. The security status of each access point is controlled by the smart card scanner settings associated to that particular access point. These settings determine the locked status of the door, minute-by-minute, 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. For more details about our security accreditations, click here.

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