Easily customize your Time and Attendance solution with Tensor’s WinTA.NET suite

In general, Time and Attendance control solutions are not exactly considered to be particularly user-friendly software solutions, not very configurable after the initial setup process, which can affect, to some extent, a HR department’s overall level of efficiency.

Easily customize your Time and Attendance solution with Tensor’s WinTA.NET suite image 1

However, Tensor offers a different approach to this topic, given the fact that our flagship Time and Attendance solution, the WinTA.NET suite, allows users to easily manage the way in which the entire system and the software functions.

Plus, the WinTA.NET Business Edition is part of the new Tensor suite of .NET applications and it can be easily combined with many other modules to provide one seamless application that meets all of your HR and security needs.

The software application offers a series of features specifically designed in order to better match the user’s needs and requirements, and that’s also the case with the Screen Designer, which allows advanced users to create their own custom database tables. Graphical tools are provided to “draw” common application controls such as drop down lists and tick boxes onto new forms that are seamlessly included within the application interface. Properties then link the new input controls on these screens to specific fields in the customised database table.

Another very useful feature is represented by the pre-installed report templates, that can be customised to easily create new reports. The report wizard guides users through each stage of the design process to quickly configure basic settings. Here, advanced users can load reports into a fully featured report designer where the properties of each report element can be fine-tuned to their requirements.

Reports can be generated on demand or scheduled for automatic printing. Either way, these can be distributed via email, published to a website or saved in a variety of file formats including Excel XLS and Adobe Acrobat PDF.

It’s also important to mention that the WinTA.NET suite offers a series of very interesting and useful update options, such as the Online Auto Upgrade facility, available for companies who’re on our maintenance support package.

Additionally, we also offer a well set Upgrade Path for Legacy Users, meaning that existing Tensor customers can upgrade to WinTA.NET. Many new application concepts have been incorporated and updated for use in the new system. Users of WinTA Enterprise and WinTA Lite will recognise many familiar menu options. A specially developed upgrade tool is used to migrate all information from legacy systems into the new system’s databases.

If you’d like to find out more about the numerous features and extensive level of functionality delivered by the Tensor WinTA.NET suite, just contact us or Book a Demo, we’ll provide an answer to any and all questions you might have.

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