Easily import contractors into an access control/clocking system with the Tensor CSCS Wizard

Residential developers employing contractors for their various developments typically need to issue additional access cards for checking attendance and worked hours, but Tensor makes this whole process a lot easier, since our system come equipped with a fully-featured, easy to use CSCS Card Wizard, for importing contractor data in a very fast and easy manner.

Easily import contractors into an access control/clocking system with the Tensor CSCS Wizard image 1

That could also come in handy for the brand-new development in Surrey, where New Vision Homes and Woking Borough Council unveiled details of an 1,000-house project, according to a news report. The Sheerwater redevelopment allows for the construction of 500 new homes and the replacement of 500 existing homes, and could also feature a retail centre, a mixed-use leisure centre and other community-oriented facilities.

New Vision Homes is a joint venture between property developers Pinnacle PSG and Mansell, part of Balfour Beatty. Although the plans seem to be quite interesting, specific details on the matter have not been provided.

Given the extensive nature of this project, the residential developer is likely to use quite a large number of external contractors, most of whom also probably own a CSCS card.

Construction workers and other people who hold a CSCS card can use their existing card to clock onto a Tensor Time & Attendance system and/or gain access to a construction site or similar, or use the CSCS card to gain access through turnstiles or car park barriers.

Within Tensor.NET there is a CSCS card wizard. This allows system users to quickly grant contractors access to their clocks and access control system.

One feature most companies will certainly appreciate is the possibility to fully customize badge creation, since the system allows templates for badges to be previewed by the user to see how their badge will appear, populating it with their personal details. Previewed badges can then be printed to any windows supported card printer.

The templates can be single or double sided, in landscape or portrait format and can include a variety of content types, including here text, images and barcodes.

If you’d like to find out more about Tensor’s CSCS Wizard, just contact our dedicated product team or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer every and all of your queries.

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