Easy to install computer based pass system for prisons

A thief committed a crime in order to be quickly returned to prison. The man was so desperate after his initial request to be taken back into custody was turned down that he went to a supermarket in Dundee and stole a set of bedding, before taking it into the nearby police station. Bruce Burry told police officers: “I stole that.” A court heard Burry was released on September 6 this year but he stole the very next day.

Tensor has many access control or security devices and systems for preventing thefts at business premises. These include Visitor Management Systems (VMS), and a version of VMS is Prison Pass. This is a low cost, easy to install, computer based pass system for registering each visitor, both on and off site. Prison Pass is installed and supported by Tensor's in-house engineers. You can also buy engineering or training days from us ensuring that you can get the most out of your Prison Pass system.

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