New Working Time Directive laws
have just been announced by the European parliament. After much discussion with interested parties and
employers groups, including the Confederation of British Industry, the EEC have agreed a common set of
standards across the community for long-distance drivers. The new laws cover maximum weekly working time,
rest breaks and night work.

The Directive, which must be implemented
in the UK by 2005, states that drivers can work a maximum average of 48 hours per week
and no more than 60 hours within any one week.
There will also be a limit of 10 hours for night work.

One good piece of news is that the Directive will not apply to self-employed drivers until January, 2009.

As the British and European leader in Time and Attendance and Access
systems, Tensor have provided new features in the WinTA
software to track, record and maintain compliance with the Work Time
Directive. WinTA
is the worlds first Smart Card Time & Attendance system that
meets the requirements of the new legislation.
Many of our competitors have not even addressed the problem!

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