Effective security solutions to falling police patrol numbers

Members of the public worried about the effect of cuts in the recent emergency budget on front line policing levels can be reassured as Tensor has a range of effective and affordable solutions. The policing minister, Nick Herbert, said "extensive cuts" to the police budget were inevitable but maintained that frontline posts should be protected. He said: "We do look to police chiefs to prioritise and protect the front line. The people's priority is to see police officers in their communities.” Studies estimate that a 25% cut in the Home Office budget would involve the loss of 35,000 police officers.

We are bound to have answers to your security needs. We consult with customers first before installing and maintaining a cost effective evidence quality CCTV surveillance system tailor-made for your residential or business requirements.

Our companies produce smart card and biometric Time and Attendance, Visitor Monitoring and Access Control technologies to form a complete and unrivalled site security network for your business. Our clever and modular systems mean the smart card scanners can control your electronic barrier network from either your office or reception, or from your site entry point.

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