Elegant glass toilet turnstiles can cope with high traffic volumes

A council has come under fire for preventing people from using its town hall toilets at the same time as it persuaded more businesses to open up their own facilities. A sign warning people away from ‘spending a penny’ at the town hall was quickly taken down after the authority realised an employee had mistakenly banned people from entering. At the same time Ealing Council announced its Community Toilet Scheme has been extended to business premises in West Ealing.

Councils and private companies can continue to employ toilet facilities for members of the public via the installation of coin operated Tensor Toilet Turnstiles. Glass Turnstiles will give you all the benefits of controlling access to your toilet facilities, yet fit seamlessly and elegantly into any high-status environment where appearance is equal to functionality. Allowing optimum pedestrian throughput in an elegant, sophisticated style, the glass turnstiles are an essential element for any lobby environment. They can cope with high traffic volumes and with severe operating conditions.

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