Employee management systems are a must have for your growing mobile workforce

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An employee management system can help businesses streamline and optimize the management processes for their growing mobile workforces, thus improving their overall productivity and helping them save more money on the long-run.

Mobile employee management systems will enable staff to do their jobs most effectively by directing those nearest to a new job, which means that individuals that are closest to a particular location will be able to save time and cut their fuel expenses, experts in the field have argued.

Using a GPS-enabled smart phone application can save an average 24.7% on fuel costs. These systems will enable a worker to demonstrate completion of work required including time and location stamps.

In a Lone worker situation, this system will protect an employee by monitoring where they are and when. This is extremely useful since, if an employee has an accident and is unable to make a call, or is working alone out of hours, the office will be able to locate that employee from their mobile phone location.

Tensor – leading the market in mobile employee management systems

As a market leader in the field of employee management systems and time and attendance products, Tensor supplies a variety of solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of highly mobile managers. Without a doubt, the most interesting of them all is the Tensor iApp, available for download from Apple’s App Store, that allows users to login & request absences and make clockings directly from their iPhone.

Furthermore, supervisors can use the same iApp to manage absence requests and, if the user has their phone’s location services turned on, then their physical location is plotted on a map viewable from within Tensor.NET.

The app also also enables users to view all leave requests on the iApp calendar, as well as all clocking transactions they have made during a period of either: the last 7 days, the previous day or current day.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of workforce management and Time and Attendance solutions supplied by Tensor, just contact our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to answer any query you might have.

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