Employee movements recorded via iPhone mapping and viewed by software

Accountants KPMG say five million UK workers are paid less than the living wage. The firm’s figures suggest that these employees are paid less than is required for a basic standard of living. The UK rate is £7.20 per hour which is purely voluntary, and which KPMG has itself signed up to. “Times are difficult for many people, but of course those on the lowest pay are suffering the most,” said Marianne Fallon, head of corporate affairs at KPMG.

Tensor has many types of technology for recording wages and hours. Part of our clocking expertise is a Mobile Self Service Module iPhone Application. Tensor is offering a set of time attendance and absence related self service features packaged conveniently into the App. Mobile clockings and job bookings, once submitted, are transferred to the central Tensor.NET application. The employee's position is also ascertained from their iPhone’s location. Employee movements recorded in this manner are plotted on a map viewable in the Tensor.NET software.

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