Employee security profiles can be created with access control system

A police force is asking ten school-leavers to join its new cadet scheme. Northern Constabulary, which covers the Highlands and Northern and Western isles of Scotland, said taking part in the scheme would be a big advantage to anyone wishing to enter the force. Of the six month long training programme, which 16 to 17 year-olds can apply for, Chief Constable Ian Latimer said: "There are some real financial pressures on us but it is important to invest in the long term future of policing in the Highlands and Islands."

Tensor offers a complete and modular smart card based access control system to take care of all security issues at your premises. All employees have their own profile entered into the access control software. When an attempt is made to pass through an access point, the scanner will compare that employee's security profile with the access point's profile, which is based upon the day and time of day of the attempted access. The door will then be released if the employee has access rights. Access control software operates the door devices and releases.

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