Employee wellness set to be formally measured and reported on by 2018

As employee wellness is starting to become a vital element in any company’s business plan, it’s very likely that, by 2018, it will actually be formally measured and reported on, the Flux Report by talent management specialist Right Management forecasts.

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The report suggests that 60% of HR directors identified employee wellness and resilience as core to enabling organisations to achieve their strategic objectives, while close to 53% said that employees’ ability to deal with unanticipated problems is the key attribute for future business success.

Unfortunately, despite the aforementioned results, close to 72% of organizations also admitted that they could do a lot more in order to boost their employee’s well-being and commitment.

Some firms have already implemented a series of measures in this direction, with almost half of organisations (49%) introducing improved flexible working arrangements. Other initiatives include increased internal communication from leadership to maintain morale (42%) and promotions but with minimal pay rises (36%).

The report by Right Management also suggests a range of solutions companies should consider on the future, such as taking active steps towards increasing the employee’s change readiness / capacity, and also boosting employee engagement, as it’s a key driver of organisational effectiveness and workforce performance but it can only be effective if the levels of engagement are identified and measured against a clear benchmark.

In a similar manner, companies can measure the wellness of their workforce by quantifying the collective wellbeing and engagement of employees and correlating the findings to key indices of productivity in the workplace.

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