Employees automatically clocked out at certain time with WinTA software

The Government announced it was going to scrap four primary care trusts (PCTs) in Sussex by the year 2013. Bosses at the trusts are required to reduce management costs by 45 per cent over the next three years. Since senior officials need to make cuts, job losses are inevitable, and consultations are taking place within all the PCTs. One of these, NHS West Sussex, says it is currently consulting with its 350 staff on structural changes and this process will lead to approximately 40 job losses.

Tensor smart card Time and Attendance recording technology results in the swiftest method of clocking in and out available. The smart card microchip is a passive device which holds a unique factory encoded ID number that cannot be duplicated, making it very secure indeed. Our WinTA time and attendance software makes reporting and analysing wages and shifts at your organisation simple, leading to improved productivity. Additional features on your system take into account diversity of working rules. Using Auto Clockout, employees are automatically clocked out at a certain time.

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