Employees can be allocated different absence entitlements using HR network

Half of all working mothers could be taking cuts in their maternity pay if proposed changes to parental leave are implemented. The TUC gave this warning in its submission to a Government consultation on proposals to allow mothers and fathers to share parental leave. The TUC is worried that mothers could lose out financially if the current 52-week statutory maternity leave is replaced by an 18-week period of designated leave for mothers, after which time at home can be shared between parents.

All pay scales and payroll issues are covered at your business if you invest in a Tensor WinTAnet time & attendance system. The cutting edge multi-lingual network can dramatically improve your HR management. It can handle different overtime rates and night shift working, and can insert unpaid breaks if employees do not clock them. Graphical calendar charts provide a colourful way of viewing an individual's or a department's absence records. Each employee can be allocated different entitlements for absence such as annual leave or allowed sickness.

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