Employees can swap shifts in advance with WinTA software

Labour Party leadership candidate Ed Balls has put forward a £250m jobs pledge as a centrepiece of his campaign. As ballot forms appeared on the doorsteps of the party faithful, he said his plan would ensure everyone of working age had the right to a job – plus the responsibility and requirement to take it. Mr Balls insisted his policy went "to the heart" of the alternative he would be offering on the economy. He called for a new guarantee so that anyone unemployed for more than 18 months would be given a job or work placement.

Tensor Time and Attendance technology ensures jobs are secure at your business, which we can help increase profits and productivity. Easily and quickly via a contactless smart card or key fob, employees clock in and the data is exported to the WindowsTM enabled software. Reports show jobs that are over budget or those approaching their budget limit. This information can also be exported to spreadsheets. Shift Swapping is a key asset – here employees may have their shift for a particular day changed in advance.

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