Employer PC software makes it simple to plan training and holiday dates

Employer PC software makes it simple to plan training and holiday dates image 1

The government has just launched a scheme to help employers cut down sickness absence at work. The service will support workplaces with no access to occupational health. Sick leave and similar forms of absence cost employers and taxpayers an estimated £9 billion a year in sick pay and other associated costs. Staff members will be examined after four weeks’ sickness absence by an independent assessment service, who will advise on how people can be assisted in returning to work.

A complete Smart Card Time and Attendance System from Tensor includes Individual and Group Absence Planners, plus other vital personnel features. The large fluorescent display of our T32xx clocking workstations makes it easy for members of staff to confirm your clockings and check their holiday entitlements. The PC software includes a year-to-view absence planner that shows absences for individuals or departments, making it simple to plan training and holiday dates. Absence categories and types are fully user-definable in the WinTA network.

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