Employers are keen on workforce growth this year, report reveals

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Employers are more confident about hiring new staff and growing their workforce this year, figures published in the latest BDO Business Trends Report suggest.

The report argues that the two past months’ strong employment data means company’s hiring intentions are now “sky high”. This feeling is strengthened by the fact these levels are now stronger than the period of economic boom in the 2000s.

Nevertheless, despite positive market signals, the UK’s productivity problem, signalled by high employment and low productivity continues.

Statistics reveal Britain’s workers were less productive in the final quarter of 2014, with output per worker falling 0.2 per cent There has now been an absence in productivity growth for seven years, and productivity per worker is now 21 per cent lower than the G7 average.

In fact British workers’ output per hour has now been static during the last two years of the recovery. BDO partner, Peter Hemington, said: “While it is encouraging to see strong business confidence, the UK’s continuing poor labour productivity performance is a very significant concern.”

Advanced employee management systems are the key to sustainable workforce growth

Companies that plan to take more employees on board but also bolster their staff’s productivity should seriously start considering the implementation of very solid and reliable time and attendance solutions, and this is specifically where the numerous features available within Tensor’s WinTA.NET suite can be put to very good use.

WinTA.NET is a web enabled, mobile / wireless technology based Time & Attendance system designed for those companies employing 20 people to 10,000+. The solution provides total control over the creation of working rules, Access Control, Job Costing and System Security and has specifically been designed for multiple companies, each managing multiple sites.

A complete smart card time and attendance system including European Working Time Regulations checking and reporting, ensuring that your company remains compliant with both regional and national legislation.

If you’d like to find out more about the extensive range of features provided by the Tensor WinTA.NET solution and just how it can save you much more time and money, just contact our dedicated team or Book a Demo, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and queries you might have.

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