Employers should monitor candidate experience more closely, professional HR report suggests

HR professionals are not showing strategic leadership in recruitment and candidate experience, statistical data obtained from the CEB Global Assessment Trends Report for 2014 has revealed.

Employers should monitor candidate experience more closely, professional HR report suggests image 1

Hence, close to 60% of the 1,400 HR practitioners who took part in the survey carried out by member-based advisory company CEB admitted that they are doing nothing to monitor candidate experience, despite 70% of them understanding the importance of a positive candidate experience during the recruitment process.

Furthermore, 64% of those questioned suggested that hiring candidates will become more difficult in the next 12 months, and 65% indicated external recruitment would be their main priority over the same period.

Ken Lahti, VP of product development and innovation at CEB, believes employers’ lack of focus on candidate experience is creating “a gulf between their beliefs and actions”.

“Unless companies invest in actively monitoring candidate experience and improving their hiring processes, the candidates they approach today may negatively influence the people they want to attract tomorrow. A poor reputation can stifle the talent pipeline for the future” he commented.

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