European Parliament votes to scrap the UK Opt-out

The Employment and Social Affairs Committee of European Parliament voted on 20th April 2005 to scrap the UK Working Time Directive opt-out. The vote is expected to be ratified by the full Parliament of MEP’s in May. This means that UK companies will be subject to the rules of the 48 hour working week and the allied regulations relating to night workers and shift working.

Businesses that have not already done so, will have to install accurate time keeping systems and maintain records for six years of the hours worked by employees including all breaks associated with the working day. In practice, this means introducing a computerised Time & Attendance system. Companies who regularly request their employees to work overtime must be particularly vigilant of the regulations.

UK employer organisations, including the CBI, have campaigned hard against the opt-out removal, but to no avail. Fortunately, the cost of a Smart Card Attendance Monitoring system from Tensor to enable you to stay within the legislation is only £1,495.

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