Evidence quality CCTV protects your employees who cycle to work

A cycle commuter claims bike crime is rising after doing his own research as a result of being a victim of theft. It has gone up in Cardiff by more than half according to Dr Joe O’Mahoney. To help combat bike thefts South Wales Police told Dr O’Mahoney they were looking into using special cycles as a way of tracking stolen bikes to the warehouses where they are often kept. This is an approach used successfully by the Metropolitan Police.

Tensor Access Control systems use smart card technology to increase your building, site or office security. The system can be used for multi site companies and will control most standard types of internal or external electronic, magnetic door locks or releases. Using smart card technology, readers are located out of sight, so there is no need to remove your ID badge from a wallet or purse to use it. If your employees cycle to work, the addition of CCTV tracking of video clips will be showing evidence quality footage of anyone trying to steal their bikes.

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