Exterior automatic bollards easily lowered when vehicle passage is authorised

Police are appealing for information following an armed robbery at a scrap metal merchant on Monday morning (March 12, 2012). The gang struck on an industrial estate near Caerphilly in Wales around 8.45am. Two men arrived at the premises in a vehicle and demanded money from the employees present. They got away with a “significant” amount of cash and made off in a grey Vauxhall Astra car. Anyone with information is urged to call 101.

A Tensor security system for exterior premises can stop vehicles or personnel at the relevant barrier and disallow entry or exit until they identify themselves. Automatic Bollards limit vehicle access to a specific location, and can easily be lowered when passage is authorised, typically within two to three seconds. Constructed out of concrete, stainless steel, aluminium or cast iron, all of the automatic bollards are constructed to completely stop the majority of vehicles. An access control device, such as a smart card, can be combined with your automatic bollards.

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