Factory attendance recording includes four different pay bands in each shift

A new report says the UK’s long-hours culture could cause stress and low morale. Publishers of the report, the TUC, found the phenomenon was not only endemic among eager young workers aiming to impress in managerial roles. It also recorded that a quarter of a million more people aged in their late 50s and early 60s are now working unpaid overtime than were a decade ago. The TUC said the trend reflected people’s concerns about income in later life.

Tensor can help maintain company morale by installing at a factory or office a complete Time and Attendance System comprising a T32xx Smart Card clocking station, Smart Cards and software. It contains all the features to properly manage time and attendance recording for your personnel. You can create a wide range of daily working patterns. Overtime is easily monitored with up to four different pay bands in each shift. Bands are selected based on the time and the number of hours worked.

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