Factory encoded clocking smart card can carry a company logo

The government will enable all employees to have the right to flexible working after it vowed to change the law. The pledge follows the publication of the Modern Workplaces consultation and is part of a range of family friendly legislation. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: “Currently any parent with a child under 17, or under 18 if their child is disabled, can ask for more flexible working patterns.” Under the plans, parents can ask for hours such as flexi-time.

Smart card clocking systems from Tensor help bosses plan their workers’ hours more efficiently and cost-effectively. The proximity read smart cards have no battery, thus can be read a near-infinite number of times. The cards are the size of a standard credit card, so are thin and flexible enough to be carried in a wallet. They contain a factory encoded ID code that cannot be duplicated, therefore the cards are very secure. Adhesive labels are available for a photo and company logo.

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