Factory encoded ID in secure clocking smart cards cannot be duplicated

A politician north of the border has questioned the wisdom of cutting jobs at an employment agency during these tough economic times. "It simply doesn't make sense that the agency tasked with helping people find alternative employment if they lose their jobs is itself making 125 people redundant in the teeth of a recession," Labour's skills spokesman David Whitton said. The Scottish government responded to the redundancy news by stressing its commitment to the Skills Development Scotland agency arranging 34,500 training places next year.

Contactless smart cards in a Tensor time and attendance network will aid quicker throughput and, along with our time and attendance software, help to protect your workforce with the efficiencies they produce. Our popular smart cards contain no batteries, thus theoretically they can be read an infinite number of times. The factory encoded ID code in a card cannot be duplicated, therefore the scanning entry regime is very secure. Smart cards are the size of a standard credit card so are thin and flexible enough to be carried in your wallet.

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