Factory encoded key fobs suit gaining entry to restricted premises

Official sources deny that 8,000 troops will be made redundant after Christmas. The Mail on Sunday newspaper claimed that Army cutbacks – set at one-fifth by 2020 – will soon go up another level so that notices would be sent out at the end of the year. A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman insisted that no decision has been taken yet on timings. She added: “We aim to remove uncertainty for Army personnel and their families as soon as possible.”

Contactless key fobs (plus smart cards, if required) are used to operate a Tensor time and attendance, access control and visitor monitoring system. They will make all types of business or organisation more efficient. The fobs (an example is pictured) contain no battery, thus have a near infinite life, and can be read theoretically an infinite number of times. They house a factory encoded ID, and this code cannot be duplicated, therefore making this method of entry very secure for more restricted premises.

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