Factory time and attendance system extracts payroll information in correct format

It is common knowledge the likes of doctors and lawyers are paid well – but where are the best-paying places in the UK? Hours and Earnings figures from the Office of National Statistics demonstrate that the cities with the biggest salaries are in this order: London, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Derby, Stirling, Oxford and Cambridge. The performances of ‘Oxbridge’ are based on their wealth of knowledge-based industries. Similarly, Stirling’s earning power is stimulated in part by its university.

Payroll and Time and Attendance expertise is provided by Tensor. A major requirement of any factory or office Time & Attendance system is the ability to export information to the payroll system. Tensor is the leader in this field and has worked with all of the major payroll packages. Our software has many configuration options to extract payroll information in exactly the correct format. It can share or receive information from third party applications by using readily available interface modules. Data transfers can occur either on demand or more usually as an automated process.

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