Factory time system inserts unpaid breaks if employees do not clock them

A discussion currently taking place among professionals on the business networking site LinkedIn is the importance of taking a lunch break. It comes after a recent survey from Bupa found that companies in the UK are losing neat to £50 million a day in lost productivity from workers who fail to take a lunch break. The debate explores the idea that by skipping lunch, the impact on workers’ productivity levels is keenly felt.

Tensor solves the problem of regulating, recording and monitoring breaks at the factory or office. Our Time and Attendance systems, like WinTA Lite, make both paid and unpaid breaks are easy to define and calculate. The PC-run network inserts unpaid breaks if employees do not clock them. You can also enable breaks to activate between set times, and/or after a minimum number of hours have been worked. Tensor can offer various financing and rental packages to both private and public sector organisations who wish to install our products.

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