Factory working rules software uses a specific shift on public holidays

Scrapping bank holidays would boost annual output in the UK by £19 billion, says the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). The CEBR wants these holidays to be more spread out over the year to stop businesses “losing momentum”. CEBR founder Douglas McWilliams told the BBC: “About 45 per cent of the economy suffers; the offices, the factories, the building sites where people tend not to go to work on bank holiday.”

Tensor has the solution for any offices, factories or multiple sites needing working rules over bank holidays or any other special circumstances. Beginning with WinTA Start, our Time & Attendance software contains the Groups function which is used to define sequences of shift patterns. Rolling Groups repeat a block of shift patterns. The block can contain any number of days or weeks. AutoSelect Groups have multiple shift patterns available per day. Each group can be set up to override the normal pattern and use a specific shift on public holidays.

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