Failsafe features enable site security system to operate during power failure

Police warned thieves about putting the price of metal ahead of their safety when trying to steal metal from electrical or telephone cables. Officers in Kent have made eight arrests in a fortnight as police confirmed metal theft was becoming a serious issue in the county. Supt Adrian Futers reminded criminals that many cables were live. He said: “Due to the increasing price of metal in the world markets, we are aware that this is becoming a serious issue in Kent.”

Beginning with the control of a single door, a Tensor Access Control system can expand upwards to create a large access control network covering a single building or multiple sites. Alternatively, Tensor’s system can remain small granting access to predefined secure areas of your premises. The security system includes real-time monitoring of doors left open, diagrammatically illustrated on an overlay plan of your actual site. In addition, it comes complete with advanced fail-safe features enabling your system to operate even during power failure or in an emergency situation.

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