Fight crime using door access control or surveillance

Scotland has proved that concerted efforts to fight crime are rewarded, and Tensor plc can play a full part. Councillor Paul Edie, the Edinburgh community safety leader, reacting to a 10 per cent drop in all recorded crime, said: "Often the fear of crime can be disproportionately higher than the actual reality and these figures show that police and the council are having great success in catching criminals." Cllr Edie, who also represents the Corstorphine/Murrayfield ward, added: "The eight per cent increase in crime in Corstorphine/Drumbrae/Gyle represents a relatively small numerical rise of 99 offences. I would like to reassure residents that it remains a low-crime area although we have to stay vigilant to try and reverse this trend."

We offer security and access control products that are second to none. From door access control to barriers to surveillance systems, we have something for every wallet. In fact, the readers or scanners work with smart cards that stay in your wallet or purse meaning authorised personnel can gain entry in a quarter of a second – and that you just flash your wallet once when paying for the product! For details on CCTV surveillance cameras, please contact CCTV Surveillance Ltd via this link.

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