Fight identity fraud with secure Tensor visitor monitoring system

Although the exact cost is uncertain, it is estimated that the various methods of identity fraud cost the UK billions per year. According to the BBC Money Programme it is increasing at 500 per cent year on year. One of the ways criminals attempt ID fraud is to try and gain access to workplaces in order to steal money, documents or equipment. A Tensor visitor monitoring system solves the necessity of monitoring and tracking of visitors on-site, and we offer a range of options.

Automatic barriers can be installed at the entrance to your site and enable you to securely control vehicle access. Tensor has developed sophisticated access control software that enables you to register visitors as soon as they enter your premises. Tensor offer a number of bundled ID card systems, where you can print your own plastic cards. A smart card entry system, which can be upgraded to biometric (fingerprint scanning) for extra security, is an almost foolproof method of denying access to fraudsters, and the cards are quicker to scan than swipe methods.

CCTV cameras can also be installed to monitor all movement on your site. Whatever your needs, size of building and budget, we have an answer that is guaranteed to suit your business requirements.

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