Financial Services are a Major Driving Force in the Biometric Time and Attendance Systems’ Market

Biometric Time and Attendance systems

The financial services sector is a major driving force in the biometric time and attendance systems’ market, second only to government agencies, a recent market research report from Tractica has been able to reveal.

The market research firm states that after the government, the financial services sector offers “the most mature market for biometrics technology”, and that the trend is expected to ramp up.

Tractica forecasts that biometric device shipments in the sector will rise from 4.7 million units this year to 43.7 million in 2024, attributing the huge increase mainly to the encouraging success of initial deployments and decreasing costs. Moreover, for the same period, revenues in the financial services biometrics market (which also includes the Biometric Time and Attendance Systems’ Market) will rise from $126 million to $2.2 billion.

As principal analyst Bob Lockhart notes, “Many industries are getting close to adopting biometrics but finance is there now.” He also points to ATMs “with fingerprint readers, vein imaging, and iris imaging,” as well as further innovations in point-of-sale authorization and mobile banking.

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