Fingerprint Clocking In System vs. Facial Recognition Attendance System

Fingerprint Clocking In System vs. Facial Recognition Attendance System

In today’s technologically advanced world, time and attendance systems have been revolutionised, with Fingerprint Clocking-In Systems and Facial Recognition attendance systems at the forefront.

This article aims to compare and explore the features and benefits of both systems, assisting businesses in making informed decisions that align with their unique requirements.

Fingerprint Clocking-In System:

A Fingerprint Clocking-In System utilises next-generation biometric technology and security to accurately track and record employee attendance. It provides a world-class performance in time and attendance recording whilst also keeping your premises safe from unauthorised visitors. The Tensor Plc system boasts the following key features and benefits:

  1. Accurate Identification: Fingerprints are highly unique to each individual, which means that this system provides a reliable method for verifying employee identities.
  2. Enhanced Security: Fingerprint data is encrypted and securely stored within the system, ensuring data privacy and protection. Unauthorised access is prevented, and the system provides a robust defence against identity fraud or manipulation.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: Fingerprint Clocking-In Systems are recommended for a large number of businesses as they eliminate the need for additional supplies or maintenance, and therefore reduce ongoing costs.

Facial Recognition Attendance System:

The Facial Recognition Attendance System utilises the FaceStation F2, a fusion multimodal terminal renowned for its exceptional face recognition performance that gives you incomparable authentication accuracy. Here are the benefits that you will get from the system:

  1. Contactless and Hygienic: Facial recognition technology offers a hygienic solution in today’s health conscious environment by eliminating the need for physical contact when recording your attendance.
  2. Ease of Use: The system offers a user-friendly experience, as employees only need to position themselves in front of the camera for a brief moment to have their attendance recorded. This ease of use improves efficiency and reduces the time required for attendance management.
  3. High Accuracy and Convenience: Facial recognition algorithms have advanced significantly, guaranteeing high accuracy in identifying individuals. The system can handle variations in lighting conditions, facial expressions, and changes in appearance, providing a reliable attendance-tracking solution.

Considerations for Choosing the Right System:

  1. Security Requirements: Assess the level of security your organisation needs. Both systems offer secure identification, so consider which features align with your company's specific security requirements.
  2. Ease of Integration: Evaluate the compatibility and integration capabilities of the system with your existing infrastructure and time management processes. Ensure the chosen system can seamlessly integrate into your current workflow.
  3. User Preferences: Understand the preferences and comfort level of your employees. Some individuals may have concerns about fingerprint recognition, while others may prefer the convenience of facial recognition. Incorporating employee feedback in your decision can help to promote the acceptance and adoption of the system.


Both Fingerprint Clocking-In Systems and Facial Recognition Attendance Systems offer accurate, secure, and convenient solutions for tracking employee time. While fingerprint systems provide reliable identification and are cost-effective, facial recognition systems excel in contactless operation and ease of use. To make an informed decision, carefully assess your organisation's specific needs and requirements and speak to a member of our team today.

For more information regarding our Fingerprint Clocking-in Systems and Facial Recognition Systems, please get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today.

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