Fingerprint time and attendance provides irrefutable proof of identity

David Thompson, freshly arrived in the West Midlands as deputy chief constable after three years as Assistant Chief Constable at Greater Manchester Police, said until the details of the comprehensive spending review were announced it was hard to predict its impact on the number of his officers. Plans had been put in place to protect front line delivery. His comments came as Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, said the current level of police officers was not “sustainable”.

Unrestricted by the number of employees and packed with additional features, WinTA Enterprise is specifically designed for firms who require the ultimate time and attendance system to enable them to produce greater productivity and efficiency. It provides total control over working rules, job costing and fire roll call, and biometric technology is easily added to prevent an employee clocking in on someone else’s behalf. Biometrics (use of unique characteristics – in this case fingerprints) would be useful for organisations like the police which need extra security as it provides irrefutable proof of identity.

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