Fingerprint workstation with speech output eliminates fraudulent clocking

Tesco CEO Philip Clarke has opted not to take an annual bonus of about £372,000 following a poor performance in its main British market. The retail colossus is now investing about £1 billion in an attempt to stem a dropping UK market share. Clarke, a former Tesco shelf stacker, emailed a statement to the Reuters news agency: “I decided at the beginning of the year that I would decline my annual bonus for 2012. I wasn’t satisfied with the performance in the UK.”

Tensor’s contactless Smart Card or Fingerprint Biometric methods of clocking provide the fastest and safest way of recording attendance. The T32xx Biometric Clocking Unit has colour LCD display to bring an all-in-one, affordable, IP enabled, attendance recording workstation. This innovative unit will give your company irrefutable control over working patterns rules. Equipped with biometric fingerprint technology, GPS auto location, speech output, video and mobile phone support you can eliminate fraudulent clocking and manage your global business environment better than ever.

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