Fire Roll Call software can save lives in industrial factories and plants

Forty fire-fighters have tackled a massive blaze at a tyre recycling plant in Maybridge, South Armagh, that started at around 3.30pm on the 21'st of March.

Several crews who were sent to the scene discovered that the fire had engulfed more than 1,000 tyres, a news report reveals. Group commander Edward Carroll said: "It was quite a significant fire and we were somewhat hampered by strong winds which were fanning the flames."

A spokesman for the Department of the Environment also commented on the incident, revealing that the "NI Environment Agency has been on site and is co-ordinating with the Fire Service in order to reduce the risk of pollution.”

A Fire Roll Call system is a must for any industrial factory, especially one that deals with a lot of hazardous materials, such as the one in Maybridge.

The Tensor access control and security products can be easily integrated with fire roll call software, capable of automatically generating a report in case of a fire or some other type of emergency and providing precise information on exactly who's on site at any given moment.

What makes the Tensor solution different from most of the other available on the market is the fact that the Fire Roll Call feature is executed directly from the clocking stations and does not rely on the controlling PC or computer infrastructure. This makes it a lot safer, since the aforementioned IT systems might also be severely affected in case of an emergency.

After the fire or emergency alarm has started, the employees who assemble at their fire roll call points can either use their smart cards or key fobs to record their presence or, if they have not brought them along, they can be checked off manually using the generated reports.

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