Fire roll call software prints list containing names of onsite employees

On Monday a chemical plant was hit by a huge fire. The blaze at a processing plant in south-east London sent smoke billowing over the city. A dozen fire crews fought the flames, which overtook around half of the factory warehouse when the conflagration was at its peak. The incident was reported in the early hours of the morning and the fire was put out by about 06:50, London Fire Brigade said.

Fire roll call software that will automatically print off a report in the event of a fire or other emergency can be included within Tensor’s security products. In an evacuation situation, staff members simply log themselves on and off site using either their proximity read smart cards or key fobs. In the event of an emergency, the fire roll call software informs the office while simultaneously activating your existing warning system. An evacuation list which contains the names of your onsite employees is then printed at a safe pre-determined remote point.

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