Fire roll call system can ensure children’s safety in school emergency evacuations


In light of recent emergencies and security threats that have affected schools worldwide, it’s very important for educational organizations to create very clear and straightforward plans and guidelines on how best to ensure the safety of children, parents and staff in the event of a local threat or emergency situation which may result in the setting being placed into ‘lockdown’ or forcing an emergency evacuation.

Most existing procedures for handling an emergency situation involve evacuation of the premises and are focused on an event happening in the building. Beside carrying out termly drills to ensure these procedures are refreshed and adhered to, organization leaders are also urged to risk assess the likelihood of an incident happening in their locations, share information with parents to advise them of the actions they will take in the event of a ‘lockdown’ or emergency evacuation and what they should do, as well as make sure all staff are aware of their role during the emergency situation.


The Tensor.NET Integration Module (Plugin) enables schools and other organizations in the educational sector to link the Tensor Time and Attendance Clocking and Access Control equipment with SIMS.

The software plugin allows students’ and staff’s attendance records to be imported into Tensor.NET, along with the details of their assigned proximity smart cards. Staff and students can then gain, or be denied, access to areas controlled by the Tensor T8526 access controllers, based upon their access permissions.

As attendance marks are received by Tensor.NET, a cardholder’s roll call status is updated at the clocking equipment. This status is further updated as clocks and access controller units book staff and students on or off of the fire roll call evacuation report

If you would like to find out more about the Tensor.NET software plugin for SIMS, please contacts us or Book a Demo, we would be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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