Five Benefits of Implementing a Hybrid Working Model

Hybrid Working Model

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way companies around the world operate. Indeed, it is estimated that 66% of executives are considering introducing remote working and 63% of high growth businesses utilise Hybrid Working models.

This article sets out to explain why you ought to introduce a hybrid working model in your business and how you can streamline your remote workforce management with Tensor’s human resources software.

Benefits of Hybrid Working

1. Improves Employees well-being and productivity

Workers often have to spend many hours in cars or trains commuting to work in the office. Sometimes this can lead to relocations that force employees to be separated from their families and loved ones. Hybrid working, by allowing employees to work from home, improves the well-being of employees, who may also be more productive in the long run.

2. Reduction of costs for businesses & employees

Businesses reduce real estate costs, building costs and get more available space that can be used for other activities or hire more employees without investing in other facilities. Similarly, employees save commuting costs and other expenses such as dining out on lunch breaks.

3. Increased ability to attract talent from around the world

For the reasons stated above, workers, including top talent, are attracted to remote working. Moreover, as they would be working from home, it opens up opportunities for companies to recruit from all over the UK or even the world.

4. Improvement of retention rates

This new working model has become so popular and demanded by workers that companies that do not offer hybrid work are losing employees who move to companies that do.

5. Improving your brand image

The hybrid work model not only shows that the company is modern and up-to-date, but also combats environmental pollution. In fact, by reducing commuting and office presence, there is a reduction in consumption of petrol, electricity, plastic, etc.

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Hybrid Working with Tensor

Having outlined the outstanding benefits of hybrid working, it is clear that this is an opportunity for businesses that should not be missed. Tensor provides software to better manage hybrid working, such as Time & Attendance software (WinTA.NET), Human Resources Software (WinHR.NET) and Self-Service-Module (SSM). The following paragraphs will explain in detail each of these software packages and how they help in remote employee management.

Time & Attendance Software

Known as WinTA.NET, Tensor's Time & Attendance Software gives you total control over access control, time and attendance, fire roll calls, system security, creation of working rules, job costs, and much more. It allows both onsite clocking in, through smart cards or biometric clocking in systems, and remote clock in, through a remote clock in app or via desktop. The system includes the European Working Time Regulations, making sure that companies keep compliant with both national and regional regulation. It is really easy to use, as it has the Windows interface and provides different packages according to your needs:

  • Start: suitable for a single company, a single site with up to 50 employees
  • Lite: suitable for a single company on a single site with max. 250 persons
  • Business: suitable for a single company on one site with an unlimited number of employees
  • Enterprise: suitable for more than one company with an unlimited number of employees

Human Resources Software

Tensor's Human Resources Software, WinHR.NET, allows the company's human resources teams to have control over the functions performed by WinTA.NET. The software contains all the updated EU Working Time Directive and like the Time & Attendance Software, four packages are offered - Start, Lite, Business, Enterprise - depending on the characteristics and requirements of the company.

Tensor’s Self-Service Module (SSM)

Tensor' SSM is a time and attendance system that allows employees to clock in or out, book periods of absence, view recent clocking, job booking, shift rota, and much more. As with WinTA.NET, SSM allows both mobile clocking and clocking with smart cards and biometrics such as Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Clocking Systems.

For more information about our Time & Attendance and HR Systems, and to learn how your business can benefit from Hybrid Working, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to assist you.

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