Five Benefits of Remote CCTV Monitoring for Businesses

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring is crucial to guarantee the security of a business. This article explains what it is and what benefits your business will obtain by installing our CCTV System.

What is CCTV Remote Monitoring?

Remote View CCTV is a security solution that ensures your peace-of-mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from criminal and environmental damage and loss. With Remote Surveillance Monitoring, when unauthorised movement is detected on site an alarm is sent to a monitoring station where one of our operators can take all the actions needed in response to suspicious activity. For instance, they can inform a security officer on your site or call law enforcement if necessary.

Tensor’s Remote CCTV Monitoring System uses the newest digital technology to provide real time viewing and monitoring of cameras via a broadband connection. The CCTV surveillance system offers colour pictures throughout the day, switching to monochrome operation when it becomes dark.

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Benefits of Remote Viewing CCTV

In case you’re not yet convinced of the importance video surveillance remote monitoring can have for your business, the following section explores the top 5 benefits of the CCTV System.


With Remote Video Monitoring, you can rest easy knowing that security for your house or business is being handled by experts around-the-clock, seven days a week. The personnel at remote monitoring centres are skilled in interpreting, reacting to, and operating CCTV equipment.

Cost Efficient

The expense of hiring or contracting a guard for your premises might feel like a significant outlay. On-site security is a large expense for an organisation, whether that means 24/7 manned guarding or a security officer who is present on site after hours.


Tensor's Remote CCTV Monitoring is manned by professionals, so you can relax knowing that if an alert is triggered, your site's security is in capable hands.

Video Analytics

The operator is prompted to take action by security warnings generated automatically by a remote CCTV monitoring system when it recognises certain events and actions. Forensic analysis, the process of identifying particular incidents and patterns from both historical and current data using a video analytics technology, is also used.

Proactive & Responsive

The CCTV Remote Monitoring Centre for Tensor Operators are always on the lookout and react to alerts in 9 seconds on average. A Remote CCTV Monitoring System will promptly contact the emergency services whenever it notices suspicious movements or activities, unlike other security systems which may take some time to respond to an incursion or break-in.

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