Flagship time and attendance regime is unrestricted by number of employees

Senior fire and police staff said a new plan to merge their two control rooms would save money and improve services. The Tayside area’s chief fire officer, Stephen Hunter, said it was one of several options being discussed, including sharing fleet maintenance, in the light of expected funding shortfalls. He added: “Over the coming months a detailed feasibility study will be undertaken to enable the fire and police boards to evaluate the options and reach the necessary decisions once clarification is received regarding future levels of funding.”

Tensor clocking recording technology serves up the solution if your organisation is moving or merging staff, as our software handles all hours and wages calculations. WinTA Enterprise is our flagship time and attendance system and is suitable for larger organisations, as it is unrestricted by the number of employees and packed with additional features. It provides total control over working rules, job costing and fire roll call, and can be combined with biometric technology to provide extra security clearance. It comes complete with a clocking station and 50 Smart Cards.

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