Flexible working now becoming more popular in traditional office-bound sectors

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Granting employees the freedom of flexible working is starting to become an increasingly popular trend, even with employers where working long-hours in the office is somewhat of a well-established tradition, such as the legal sector.

For example, Magic Circle law firm, Clifford Chance, has revealed it will be adopting an ‘agile working’ philosophy over the coming months, a recent news report has been able to reveal.

The idea is that the same number of staff will work in a smaller office environment, meaning more people will be working from home or doing more flexible hours.

The announcement followed news that the firm would be leasing 400,000 square-feet of its 1 million square-foot office to Deutsche Bank, but without any reduction in jobs.

This is a very significant move because if more major law firms are seen to be embracing agile working, other organisations who may not have thought it was possible could find the confidence to follow suit.

Tensor employee management solutions deliver full support for flexible working

Tensor plc supplies an extensive range of workforce management solutions that cater for all the requirements of the modern workplace, including flexible working.

The system can supply working rules for a variety of purposes, from simple determination of overtime by the number of daily hours worked, to the more complex payment of overtime hours adjusted when periodic targets are not met. The system also contains special rules to accommodate the formal flexitime contracts worked by many public sector employees. Workers paid on an annual contract basis can receive reports stating how many contracted hours they have yet to work.

Additionally, our top-range WinTA suite features an On-line Self Service module that allows staff to clock IN or OUT, check hours, request leave + other functions via internet, mobile or other communications.

Furthermore, with the Telephone Clocking module, staff can call in from remote locations to clock IN or OUT or review their flexitime balance or remaining holiday entitlement. After entry of their pass code, an automated, spoken menu guides employees to the option they require.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of workforce management and Time and Attendance solutions supplied by Tensor and just how we can help your company implement thorough and reliable flexible working arrangements, just contact us or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.

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