Fresh Tensor.NET version software update brings forth new scanner themes, multi-tier jobs


At Tensor, we take customer feedback into account when developing new features and functions for our flagship Time and Attendance/Access Control/Visitor Monitoring/HR software solution, the Tensor.NET suite.

Updating to the latest software version will make your Tensor system run faster and smoother, and it’s also the quickest and easiest way to solve any potential performance issues.

In our latest software release, Tensor.NET version, we are adding a few very interesting features, which include:

Probation categories – this modification replaces the existing static probation assessment categories with customisable categories that can be applied in varying combinations to employees.

Scanner themes – the LED and beeper responses of the new T17xx smart card scanner can be customised to respond differently to the events occurring at the scanner. These custom settings are saved as scanner themes. In this version, scanner themes are only available for EM T17xx scanners.

Multi tier jobs – the copy facility for multi tier jobs has been enhanced so that all or part of the job’s structure can be copied from one job to another. Should a completed job be copied, it is reset to be in progress.

Failed login attempts – a new security feature has been added to this version of Tensor.NET, which will lock the accounts of users who repeatedly fail to use valid credentials when logging in. The number of failed login attempts allowed, is configurable. A further setting is provided to trigger an email notification when a user is failing to login due to using invalid credentials

Site summary report – the design wizard has been modified for this report to add the option of reporting by employee payroll code as well as employee code.

Inactive courses – a new setting for WinHR users has been added to Tensor.NET, to denote that a course is no longer active. Courses flagged as “inactive” are hidden in the Course list and Course Planner screens.

Inactive paybands – a setting has also been added to the working rules feature to mark paybands as inactive. Inactive paybands will be hidden from the job code, shift, payclasses, shift premiums, absence code, report, payroll export and amend clockings screens.

Job Employee Payband report – a new job report type has been added to this version of Tensor.NET. The Job Employee Payband report totals the payband hours spent on jobs by employees in a user defined report period.

Hardware manager – the location tab on the scanner’s property page has been renamed to the Behaviour tab. This tab now contains drop down lists to select locations, fire points, jobs and reason

Facial recognition – facial recognition functionality, activated by serial number, is limited from this version onwards, to only the Enterprise edition of Tensor.NET.

Clocking locations – the clocking location map displayed in daily amend is now generated by the Google Maps API, instead of requiring the installation of many map files.

Badge designer – two new objects, for dynamic and static QR codes, have been added to the badge designer. QR codes will be supported by the forthcoming Unmanned Reception app, designed to be run on an IOS or Android tablet.

Power monitoring – the power monitoring tab used for access controllers has been added to T32xx clocks as well in this version of Tensor.NET.

Mimic panel – two new columns are now available for inclusion on the system’s mimic panel display.

These columns are for the employee’s shift start and end core times.

Absence planner – in this version a new role permission is provided that grants or denies system users the right to book absence, which exceeds an employee’s entitlement.

If you’d like to find out more about the numerous features and extensive level of functionality delivered by the Tensor.NET suite, just Contact us or Book a Demo, we’ll provide an answer to any and all questions you might have.

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