Future-Proof Attendance Management Systems

Future-Proof Attendance Management Systems

Create a future-proof hybrid workplace with a Time and Attendance System.

This article sets out to explain how a Time and Attendance System can ensure any business stays ahead of the curve with an effective employee management system in the new hybrid working era.

Embracing a new Time & Attendance System

Introducing a Time and Attendance System into a business can have huge benefits financially, for employee productivity, and for the future of a business.

Modern society is becoming more and more digitalised. Why? Because digital systems are faster, more accurate and more reliable than systems operated by humans such as paper timesheets.

When it comes to an employee time and attendance system, with a smart card clocking station, or with a fingerprint or facial recognition time and attendance system, you can be sure to receive accurate clocking times compared to those produced on a paper timesheet - and here’s why.

How does a Time and Attendance System benefit businesses today?

Installing a Time and Attendance System will bring any workplace into the 21st century and ensure it has the up to date software required to function smoothly for years to come.

As we know, three-quarters of employers in the UK offer hybrid working (78%), with 13% saying it simply is not possible for their sector, and just 8% don’t offer hybrid working at all. This means, nearly 80% of UK employers will now require a suitable employee attendance system for both remote and office workers, and hybrid working is the future of working models.

Time and Attendance for Hybrid Workers

Hybrid workers have the best of both worlds. They can roll out of bed and turn their laptops on and start working from the comfort of their own homes, while other days of the week they are required to show their faces in the office.

However, for HR teams, keeping track of a hybrid worker's actual working hours can prove difficult without a sufficient time and attendance system in place. An attendance management system ensures that employees working from home must clock in and clock out using a time and attendance software on their mobiles, laptops or computers, and clock in and out of their shift when working in the office using a smart card, fingerprint, or facial recognition clocking station.

Yes, a Time and Attendance System makes lives exceptionally easier for the HR department by being able to track employee working hours, but it also benefits hybrid employees in the sense that they know they have a reliable and accurate attendance system at their disposal for when it comes round to pay day.

Time and Attendance Software for HR & Payroll

Every HR department functions smoothly with an attendance software that accurately records employee clockings and provides precise data for payroll.

Tensor’s Time and Attendance Software is designed for those employing from 20 to over 10,000 members of staff. It can be used on site with our smart card time and attendance system, fingerprint time and attendance system, or our facial recognition time and attendance system. Our attendance software can also be used for employees working from home, thanks to our remote clock in app for employees known as the Self Service Module.

Remote Clock In App for Employees

As mentioned above, the Self Service Module (SSM) is an app that allows remorse and hybrid workers to clock in and out of shifts while working from home. It also provides staff members with the ability to book and cancel annual leave. Employees working in the office can also use the SSM as a quick and easy method of clocking themselves in and out of shifts.

Check out our Time & Attendance brochure

If you are interested in learning more about how you can future-proof your company with a Time and Attendance System, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today, who will be happy to help.

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