Future Wales £250m super-prison to house 2,000 inmates, create 1,000 jobs

The former Firestone site on the Wrexham Industrial Estate will be redeveloped into a £250m super-prison designed to house 2,000 inmates, a news report in the media has revealed.

Future Wales £250m super-prison to house 2,000 inmates, create 1,000 jobs image 1

The future facility will be a Category C prison used for inmates who cannot be trusted in open conditions but who do not have the resources and will to make a determined escape attempt. Construction work should be completed by 2017, with the new jail bringing in £23m a year to the local economy, especially since it’s estimated that 1,000 new jobs will be created in the process.

Furthermore, officials are also investigating the possibility of building another large prison in south-east England – possibly on the existing Feltham site in west London – with a youth facility attached.

Welsh Secretary David Jones welcomed the announcement. He said: “The construction of this much needed facility will bring with it considerable economic benefits for local businesses, and create up to 1,000 employment opportunities across the region.

“It will facilitate the rehabilitation of offenders by making them more accessible to their families, legal advisers and the probation service, enabling a smoother transition back into the community.

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