Gap between part-time and full-time employees’ confidence in job security is widening

Employees working in a part-time position are increasingly less confident in their job security compared to their counterparts working in full-time positions, the Legal & General’s Job Security Index has revealed.

Gap between part-time and full-time employees’ confidence in job security is widening image 1

As a report by TheSME informs us, the aforementioned Index shows that only around 64% of part-time employees are actually confident in their job security, compared to 74% of all full-time workers. This gap is the largest ever recorded since the start of the Index, back in January 2012.

Furthermore, employees in full time positions are also much more confident in their chances of finding a job of similar level and pay should they lose their current job (32%), with only 21% of part-time workers feeling the same.

The Index shows quite an interesting development in terms of the perceived risk of redundancy, since 5% of part-time workers currently consider themselves at risk of redundancy, which is similar to full-time workers perceived risk of redundancy, which is at 4% – a difference of just 1%.

It’s also interesting to note that there are fewer part-time workers worrying about just how they’ll manage to maintain their current standard of living, their numbers falling from over a quarter, (26%) in April 2013, down to just 16% in July 2013.

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